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Dr Pranav Shah is a Best Doctor in the field,
More importantly, suggested by a GOD Dr. Dhiren Shah. who has faith in Dr. Pranav Shah.
I Had. a ankle problem and Many Doctors said that I Have not seen such a big injury, My Talus bone is completely destroyed, (Many Doctors suggested surgery immediately) but Pranav Shah took this easy asked me to wait for 45 Days, but it didn’t worked after that I was operated by him taken a Bone from my knee and put it into the ankle. Now I can walk on my legs after 4.5 months of operation, a little pain is there but Dr. Pranav Shah said it will take total 9 months to be completely fine.

I Recommend Dr. Pranav Shah, and CIMS Hospital for any of your medical requirement.

Once consult here you will get a good, and reliable response.

I am happy that there is .a hospital where you will not feel cheated.

Last but not least, Staff of CIMS Hospital Archan Bhai, Vipul Bhai, and Ashaben a big thank you.