Peri Prosthetic Fractures

Follow some complex case studies related to Peri Prosthetic Fractures and see how Dr. Pranav Shah and the team were able to get things handled well. These are unique and excellent cases that you would be proud seeing! 

Case 1

This 28 years old male had non union of his thigh bone fracture after hip replacement. In one stage surgery he was back to work with full recovery in 3 months.

Case 2

This lady came from UK with inability to walk after her knee replacement due to tendon rupture, which was successfully repaired and she could walk on 2nd day.

Case 3

This 79Yrs active male suffered a fracture beneath his previously replaced hip following a fall. Re-replacement and fracture fixation was done in same stage & patient recovered completely in two months.

Case 4

This 65 years lady with fracture beneath her shoulder replacement, has severe osteoporosis and required a very skilled surgery. She was operated with plate fixation and healed in 3 months.

Case 5

This 75 years old lady from Mumbai had 7 months old non healed fracture above her knee replacement she had not walked fro last 7 months she was operated with 2 plates and healed in 3 months

Case 6

This very obese lady with very weak bones developed fracture after knee replacement by minor fall she was operated by plate fixation with high risk due to medical risks and severe obesity recovered in 3 months and having full function thereafter.

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