Non Unions

Follow some complex case studies related to non unions and see how Dr. Pranav Shah and the expert team were able to get things handled well. These are unique and excellent cases that you would be proud seeing! 

Case 1

This 55 years old bank employee has under gone 4 failed surgeries on his ARM (humerus) in other hospitals. In one surgery with us he got full recovery.

Case 2

This Obese Musician from Rajasthan had broken nail and 3 previous surgeries with no benefit. We operated and fixed 2 plates and he recovered completely in 3 months.

Case 3

This 65 year old lady had broken nail with severe pain 9 months after her fracture surgery in Godhra. In one stage with help of bone banked bone graft and plate fixation, she was back to normal in 3 months.

Case 4

This lady had multiple previous failed surgeries on her elbow. With a customised elbow replacement, she was back to normal.

Case 5

This Nigerian lawyer came with very bad fractures in his right leg which had not healed for 9 months. In one surgery we fixed all fractures and sent him back in 2 weeks walking with walker. He healed completely in 4 months and today he is one of top most lawyers in Nigeria.

Case 6

This patient had undergone surgery elsewhere for fracture of the thigh bone. At 1 year his Nails Bent and Broke and he could not walk. He was operated for removal of broken nails, realignment of fracture and plate fixation. He recovered completely in 2 months



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Dr. Pranav A. Shah is working currently as the Director of Orthopedic Trauma and Hip surgeries at CIMS hospital a JCI approved tertiary care well reputed corporate hospital in Ahmedabad. He was practicing earlier as a Senior Orthopedic Trauma Consultant Surgeon at Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad from 2007 to 2017. Dr. Pranav Shah is a celebrated name as an eminent Orthopedic Surgeon who is highly recommended and referred to, because of his excellent skills and results even in most complex cases. 

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