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Due to prolonged bed rest the diaphragm gets compressed as all the abdominal content moves upwards. This reduces lung expansion capacity with higher chances for lung to get collapsed. With the help of breathing exercises and coughing physios can help the patient to improve or avoid such problems.

Exercises may include:

1.Deep breathing exercises

  The patient is asked to take a deep breathe through the nose and slowly exhale it through the mouth.

2. Spirometry

With the help of an apparatus the patient is asked to either inhale or exhale into the device while lifting the coloured balls.

3. Chest expansion exercises

The patient is asked to inhale while lifting the hands and exhale while lowering it.

4. Coughing

                  The patient is asked to cough using a sound “kh” from the throat as it helps in getting secretions out.

         5. Diaphragmatic breathing exercises

                 In this the patient is asked to place both palms on his abdomen and take a breath filling his/her stomach and then exhaling it out through the mouth.

         6. Steam inhalation/ Nebulizer

                 The steam is said to loosen up the mucus in throat and nasal passage. Nebulizer is also used for delivering the drug in the form of steam.