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Case 1

This 55 years old bank employee has under gone 4 failed surgeries on his ARM (humerus) in other hospitals. In one surgery with us he got full recovery.

Case 2

This Obese Musician from Rajasthan had broken nail and 3 previous surgeries with no benefit. We operated and fixed 2 plates and he recovered completely in 3 months.

Case 3

This 65 year old lady had broken nail with severe pain 9 months after her fracture surgery in Godhra. In one stage with help of bone banked bone graft and plate fixation, she was back to normal in 3 months

Case 4

This lady had multiple previous failed surgeries on her elbow. With a customised elbow replacement, she was back to normal.

Case 5

This Nigerian lawyer came with very bad fractures in his right leg which had not healed for 9 months. In one surgery we fixed all fractures and sent him back in 2 weeks walking with walker. He healed completely in 4 months and today he is one of top most lawyers in Nigeria.

Case 6

This patient had undergone surgery elsewhere for fracture of the thigh bone. At 1 year his Nails Bent and Broke and he could not walk. He was operated for removal of broken nails, realignment of fracture and plate fixation. He recovered completely in 2 months