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Case 1

This retired bank manager got infection after fracture surgery in Surendranagar. In 2 stages with advanced technology, he recovered completely from infection and his fracture also healed in 6 months.

Case 2

This young business man from Rajasthan had four previous surgeries with persistant infection and non-union of fracture up to 9 months. In 4 months we did 3 surgeries to control infection and fix the fracture, which healed completely.

Case 3

This Lady from Nigeria was adviced by doctors for amputation(to cut the leg). In six months with 3 surgeries we saved her leg and she could mobilize fully. Till date she regularly travels to INDIA on business assignments.

Case 4

This lady of 60+ age underwent surgery for her leg bone fracture below her knee replacement implant in Indore. It got infected, fracture did not heal and there was gap at fracture. She was operated in 2 stages to control infection and realign the fracture with plate fixation. She recovered in 4 months and returned to normal life.

Case 5

This lady underwent first surgery for her hip fracture in Hyderabad. It did not heal and the plate bent, so she was operated again in Mumbai. Again the fracture did not heal and she was operated 3rd time in Ahmedabad with plan to replace her hip. But she had deep infection and lot of pus. I have done the 4th surgery on her at 18 months from the fracture and in 2 stages and within 4 months she was totally cured.

Case 6

This elderly lady had gunshot and fracture of the lower thigh in Tanzania, she was operated in Tanzania with fixator and had infection from the wound. After that She was operated for infection control and fracture fixation in 2 stages by me and recovered fully in 3 months. She has sent pictures from Tanzania showing her doing all activities.