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Case 1

Dr Pranav Shah is Specialist in Complex Fracture in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Fracture Specialist in Ahmedabad, Fracture Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Acetabulum Fractures, Pelvis Fractures in Ahmedabad.

This young male business man had complex acetabulum fracture which would otherwise require two big incissions(Cuts) for stabilization. But We did by percutaneous(Minimum Invasive) for the front part and single cut for the back part. He went for full recovery in two months.

Case 2

This young boy (18 yrs.) had dislocation of the hip with fracture of the socket and repeated failed attempts before he was brought to me. In one surgery we could manage perfectly the dislocation and fracture and he was walking in 3 weeks.

Case 3

This housewife from Rajasthan was brought with fracture and dislocation of the hip with nerve injury. After surgery she could do all household work, squat and sit cross legged.

Case 4

This unfortunate lady had double impact with very severe 9 fractures in her pelvis and acetabulum. In 2 stages we could restore her pelvis to normal with full functional recovery.

Case 5

This middle aged patient from jaisalmer had about 8 fractures in his pelvis. In first stage surgery all were stabilised. in 3 months patient was fully mobile. Final function is seen on pictures

Case 6

This young polytrauma patient had dislocated and fractured socket of the hip joint, he also had bad fracrture of the same side thigh bone. He was operated and both fractures perfectly fixed. He recovered in 3 months and has full function