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P.G Lecture Course for Orthopedic Trainees - 2014,2015,2016.

AT J&J International MASTERS Course For Complex Fractures 2015 in Bangkok

At Zimmer Mechanobiology National Conference- Mumbai

As an Invited Faculty For Trauma Update On Tibia Fractures in Baroda

At Pelvi Acetabular Update Of Kheda Anand Orthopaedic Association

At ROSACON 2015 Conference (Delivered Lecture to Orthopedicians Of Rajasthan)

At National Conference - CCT 2015 in Bhavnagar (Talked About Minimum Invasive Pelvis & Acetabulum Surgeries)

At Annual Conference Of North Gujarat Orthopaedic Association

Three Lectures at National Conference - ORTHOTRENDS 2015 in Ahmedabad

Guest Speaker at Pelvis and acetabulum fracture update for North Gujarat Orthopedic Society

At GOACON 2016 (Gujarat State Conference) - Paper Presentation

A lecture on Hip Fractures - How to Avoid Complications

A Momento for Outstanding Contribution

Talking on Pelvi Acetabular Fractures at Jaipur for APAS Conference 2017

Appreciation at National Conference of Association of Pelvi-acetabular Surgeons

Certificates & Awards

Conducted cases discussion for 1 hour

Delivered lecture on cimplex lower thigh fractures

Taking over as the President of Ahmedabad Orthopaedic Society- an association of about 650 Orthopaedic Surgeons